Churches Making Movies Reveals Official Selections For its Seventh Annual Film Festival

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

By Bobby Ellis

The Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival (CMM) announced today the films selected for its 2019 festival to be held October 11-13 in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

For the 2019 CMM festival, 20 films have been selected thus far. Screenplay official selections were also announced today.


Resilience and the Last Gem (formerly Resilience and the Last Spike), directed by Brian Finn/USA- Eleven-year-old adventurer, “Rizzy” O’Neil (aka Resilience), is separated from her family while in pursuit of a mysterious local legend. She faces intense heat, thirst, hunger, treacherous terrain, deadly creatures, turbulent weather, all in a land designed to crush the living. Rizzy must call on all her wits, strength, skill, and faith to beat the clock and save her family, and just maybe, a piece of history too!

Freshman Year, directed by Jude Johnson/USA- Christian high school graduate is challenged by social and peer pressure during his freshman year in a state university.

The Reliant, directed by Paul Munger/USA- An economic catastrophe precipitates widespread rioting and looting, forcing a 21-year-old lovesick girl to care for her siblings in a stretch of woods bordered by lawless anarchy, wondering why a good God would let this happen.

It's Good to Believe in God (Chinese with English Subtitles), directed by The Church of Almighty God/ Korea, Republic of- A hardworking woman is heavily in debt because of the CCP’s exploitation. Left without a choice, she crosses the ocean to pursue her dreams. Exhausted for so long, she experiences the emptiness, pain, and helplessness of just living for the sake of money. She escapes this life of emptiness and suffering.

Chloe’s Mountain, directed by Wes Bristol/USA- A young gifted girl is devastated when her parents are killed in an auto accident. Chloe immerses herself into her music and begins to get off track and farther from God. She finds herself living with her faith- filled grandmother who is determined to help her turn around and help Chloe face the mountains in her life. The fun begins when Grandma (after her unexpected death) arranges for Chloe to go a Christian college in order to receive a large inheritance. What happens next only the God could orchestrated.


When All Else Fails, directed by Brian Finn/USA- A future major league baseball player overcomes serious injury and family tragedy as well as winning over his dad to the fact that baseball can be used to glorify God.

sinbit, directed by Jeremy Carter/USA- What would happen if a smartwatch could keep track of your steps... and your sins?

Salute, directed by Anthony Hackett/USA- Salute addresses the mental and spiritual struggle of a young man trying to decide if it is right or wrong for him to join the military. This film has over 40% cast and crew involvement who has either served in the military and/ or a parent served in the military, representing every branch of the US Military.

When the Dust Clears, directed by Joshua Williams/USA- Cindy, a 9/11 survivor, struggles living everyday life 15 years after that day. While battling health and depression, she tries to find ways to cope but still finds herself reliving that tragic day again and again.

The Harvest is Plentiful but the Laborers are Few, directed by Dr. Brandon M. Glover/USA- A Christian man comes to the realization that he has done little to nothing in helping or ministering to others.

A Blood Throne, directed by Xavier Garcia/USA- “A Blood Throne” focuses on the dysfunctional relationship between father and son, Herod the Great and Antipas, at the height of Herod’s delusion: the massacre of the innocents and the murder of his two eldest sons. By exposing the corruption that comes with the unyielding pursuit for control, fame, and power, “A Blood Throne” illustrates the mental, physical, and spiritual deterioration of Herod as a father, husband, and king. Ultimately, we are left with a glimmer of hope - the miraculous birth and escape of the prophesied King of Kings: Jesus, the anointed Messiah. A child being raised up by a righteous father.

David and Goliath, directed by Jeremiah Kauffman/USA- The hand of King Saul's daughter, Merav, will go to the man who defeats the Giant. David prepares for the epic duel.

Special Election, directed by John Rush/USA- A local hero runs for mayor, but at a town hall meeting, a reporter surprises everyone with a video showing what he did one night on a country road.


The Wake Up Call, directed by Derrick Mullen/USA- The Wake Up Call is inspired by the real life choices and conflicts of the Christian Walk. Stacy is a church going, bible toting Christian who is living a double life. Stacy loves hanging out with her best friends and loves her boyfriend Frank, but Frank does not love the church as much as Stacy. But Stacy's life is turned upside down when she eventually gets what she has been praying for.


Foreclosing on Faith, directed by Viktoria Somogyi/Hungary- Heroic battles, passionate protests and widespread resistance are being witnessed in many parts of the United States.

But this isn’t politics, it’s a war raging within the Catholic Church to preserve countless spiritual homes from closure. Catholic churches are being shuttered at an alarming rate in the United States. At stake are issues of ethnic and cultural identity and the well-being of communities across the land.


Dinosaur Heart- Directed by Tac Coluccio/USA- Dinosaur Heart follows Treffen Rexius and his family whose life was turned upside down after receiving devastating news at the doctor’s office. Being a completely happy and healthy 10-month-old baby, there was no reason to suspect anything was wrong. It’s a harrowing and inspiring story of faith and perseverance though some of life’s toughest moments, while seeing the peace and comfort of God overflow in the middle of them.

Saved - Escape from Kim´s regime, directed by Thea Elisabeth Haavet/Norway- Andy and his mother tries to flee from North Korea, but the escape plan goes desperately wrong. After crossing the border safely, their guide does not show up as agreed, and they are stuck in the hillsides in China in minus thirty degrees weather.

Repression, directed by Lynette Weeks/USA- A man battles addiction from the viewpoint of the spiritual realm. Mike comes face- to- face with his enemies and will have to make a decision that could change the rest of his life when he feels he has nothing left.

Higher Than the Earth, directed by Jochen Isensee/Germany- Little Nick is treated for a heart defect at pediatric ICU of Uniklinik Freiburg as doctors fight for months for his life while his family resists giving up hope.


Trial by Trial, written by John Martins III/USA- Based on a true story, three Christian missionaries face criminal charges in Greece after Communists falsely accuse them of kidnapping. Written with permission.

Arizona Sunrise, written by John Martins III/USA- In present-day Arizona, with the help of his basketball coach, a teenage boy overcomes his parents' separation, and death of his best friend.

At the Mercy of Faith - written by Samuel Taylor/USA- A preacher who gave up on his faith has to face the ghosts of his past to save his family - and his soul.

The Gospel According To God, written by McKinley Johnson/USA- God steps into human history with the answers to life problems for He faced the most difficult challenges with the power of love.

Under the Rose, written by Jude Quintiere/USA- This is a true story of profound love between a vibrant young feminist and a nationally celebrated New York City, Roman Catholic priest, that takes place in the shifting beliefs of the 60's. This transformational love affair was investigated by the FBI and violated the strictest taboos of society, Mother Church and family values. Their love spanned 25 years through the birth of three children, all in absolute secrecy. Under the Rose - sub rosa.

The Carolina Storyteller, written by Marcia Chandler Rea/USA- When a divided community becomes embroiled in racial unrest, a young boy discovers the key to healing by exposing a long-buried secret that brings redemption to his family and town. Inspired by a true friendship (co-author Marcia Chandler Rhea's father)

Dyrette's Mark, written by David Garrett/USA- This story pits a STEM savvy female protagonist against her uncle, a tech mogul puppeteer pitching privacy stealing biometric implants.

A Soldier's Gift, written by Kent Taylor/USA- An American Soldier in WWII learns there is as much hate and prejudice in his own unit as there is in the Nazi forces he fights against. A simple gift inspires him to reach across cultural and racial barriers and do something extraordinary.

Finding My Olivia, written by Kelly Jean Karam/USA- A spiritually depleted elementary art teacher gets a mysterious invitation personalized by one of three girls from his past named Olivia and hits the road on a hopeful journey to find true love.

The Angel Rainbow Car Wash, written by Tom Rossi/USA- Former blues musician, James Carver, is alone hiding inside a liquor bottle and running out his life in the darkened cavern of a run down car wash on the West side of Chicago. After receiving a phone call from his estranged daughter's deathbed, he reluctantly visits her after more than a decade… only to watch her die. Wracked with guilt and regret, James is forced to accept her dying wish and become the caretaker for Gregory, the 5-year old grandson he's never met.

THE FESTIVAL The mission of the Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival is to educate, energize, and empower churches to incorporate filmmaking into their ministries and to give exposure to the best church-produced films in the world. In addition to movie screenings, the festival offers seminars and panels for church leaders, directors, producers, actors and those interested in utilizing films as a Christian evangelical tool. For images and additional information about the films and filmmakers, please visit


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